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Fluoroplastic Porous Film for Air Filters TEMISH™ NTF9000 Series

TEMISH NTF9000 series is a high performance air filter which combines a PTFE porous membrane with excellent dust collection properties and a non-woven fabric chosen for its high performance air filtering/using advanced technology. In the semiconductor industry, higher integration and larger LCD screens create a demand for a cleaner environment, and the need for air filters with higher performance is increasing accordingly.The attention is paid to the maintenance free of the vacuum cleaner filter made of PTFE porous membrane.Because the PTFE porous membrane has the function of the dust resistance (proofness).

Application examples(Filter unit)

Temish application


  • ULPA(Ultra Low Penetration Air) grade, HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Air) grade, and semi HEPA grade are available.
  • Better balance between pressure drop and dust collection efficiency compared with glass fiber filters and electrets filters.
  • Superior chemical resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, dust release properties, resistance to acids (such as hydrofluoric acid), alkali, and organic solvents.
  • The Dust can be released easily with mechanical vibration or brushing.
  • No self-dusting characteristics, as glass fiber filters.
  • Performance does not degrade with washing.
  • No boron, phosphorus, or impurities.
  • Low pressure drop and high dust collection efficiency.


ULPA Grade

HEPA Grade

Temish structure2

Semi HEPA Grade

Temish structure4

Product Line-up

ULPA Grade

Item Thickness [mm] Pressure drop [Pa] Dust collection efficiency [%] Particle diameter [μm]
NTF9535-U01 0.38 340 99.99999 or more 0.1~0.2
NTF9529-U01 290 99.9999 or more
NTF9522-U01 220 99.995 or more
NTF9329-U16 0.32 290 99.99995 or more
NTF9322-U15 220 99.9995 or more

HEPA Grade

Item Thickness [mm] Pressure drop [Pa] Collection efficiency [%] Particle diameter [μm]
NTF9317-H15 0.32 170 99.97 or more 0.3~0.5
NTF9314-H14 140 99.95 or more 0.1~0.2
NTF9310-H13 100 99.5 or more

Semi HEPA Grade

Item Thickness [mm] Pressure drop [Pa] Collection efficiency [%] Particle diameter [μm]
NTF9307-L15 0.32 70 98 or more 0.3~0.5
NTF9307-L03 0.32 95 or more 0.1~0.2
NTF9307-L01 0.26 98 or more 0.3~0.5
NTF9304-L15 0.32 40 75 or more


  • *The data is representing value,not guaranteed performance.
  • *Pressure drop,collection efficiency is measured at 5.3cm/sec.

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