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Message from the President

Mr.Hideo Takasaki

In 1918, during a time when it was difficult to procure materials from abroad due to the First World War, Nitto Denko Corporation (referred to as Nitto hereafter) was founded as Nitto Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (Nitto today) in Osaki, Tokyo with the aim of realizing domestic production of insulating materials needed for electronics.

Since it was founded, Nitto faced many crises. However, Nitto has overcome these crises and refined its foundation to become what it is today by pouring everything it had into each and every product, and by pursuing customer service. And by continuing to work together with customers, we are now developing our business globally to offer various products in fields such as electronics, automobiles, housing, infrastructure, environment, and medicine, based on our core technologies of adhesive and coating technology.

In today's world, social issues have become even more diverse and complex as we move forward into a new age, and society is changing at a pace that is faster than ever. In such a world, the Nitto Group aims to balance providing solutions for social issues and creating economic value, challenging ourselves to achieve an even more comfortable lifestyle for people. More than ever, we wish to continue to be a company that is needed by the world.

The Nitto Group will continually challenge to inspire the world and create values that the society recognizes, taking the changes of the society as an opportunity with our corporate mission of “Contribute to customers’ value creation with innovative ideas”.

We hope that you will continue to support the Nitto Group.


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