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The print quality is deteriorated

Please check the following items in their order if the print quality is deteriorated.

  1. Clean the thermal head
  2. Check if the ink ribbon is attached correctly
  3. Check the platen roller
  4. Check the ink ribbon width and liner width

1.Clean the thermal head

Turn the printer off and remove the ink ribbon.
Drop a cleaning agent onto the cotton swab included in the printer package and gently wipe the thermal head.

If the problem persists after cleaning, replace the thermal head with a new one. The problem may be due to the lifetime of the thermal head.

2.Check if the ink ribbon is attached correctly

Improper attachment of the ink ribbon as shown below may cause the ribbon to wrinkle up.

Attach the ink ribbon properly.

3.Check the platen roller

  1. Remove the platen roller.
  2. Wipe the platen roller with solvents such as alcohol. If the roller is damaged, replace with a new roller. (Damaged or dented roller causes misprints or blurred prints when the label passes through such part of the roller)
  • *Please refer to the operation manual for the removal of the platen roller.

4.Check the ink ribbon width and liner width

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