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Nitto's Original Business Models

Creating Values Only the Nitto Group Can - Age-old Strengths and the Business Model that Make it Possible

On top of the fundamental strengths of corporate culture and core technological prowess based on polymer synthesis and processing technologies that have been honed over the years, the Nitto Group is privileged to have diverse business domains and competitive intellectual property rights that result from said fundamental strengths, as well as a valuable customer base that covers a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. For us to achieve sustainable growth and keep increasing our corporate value over the long term, we must make constant efforts to broaden our business domains, and it is “Sanshin Activities (three “new” activities)” and “Niche Top Strategy” - two of the Nitto Group’s original business models - that will make this possible.

Sanshin Activities

Sanshin Activities stimulating new demand through the development of new applications and new products

Finding "new" applications fro existing products and the adding new technologies to them or using new technologies to develop "new" products and the expanding their applications, thereby creating "new" demand - Literally translated as "three new activities," Sanshin Activities is Nitto Group's proprietary marketing approach which we have diligently followed for more than 50 years by repeating the cycle of the three "news" for continued progress.

Sanshin Activities

Example Cases of Sanshin Activities

Example Cases of Sanshin Activities

In the beginning there was plastic tape, a commonplace products whose main application was electrical insulation, Through the development of a variety of new technologies/functions and applications, we have created demand from new customers in growing industries, including electric wire manufacturers, housing developers, and auto manufacturers. Pursuing Sanshin Activities with R&D, Production, and Sales working as one while taking a customer-oriented approach had formed the "DNA" of Nitto's drive for innovation and is one of its growth engines.

Niche Top Strategy

Shooting for the leading share by leveraging proprietary technologies in niche markets where we have a competitive advantage

The Niche Top strategy is a strategy to aim for No. 1 market share by leveraging Nitto's unique technologies in “niche fields,” where there are no existing competitors, within growing (changing) markets. This is Nitto's unique strategy of concentrating and differentiating our competences.
The Global Niche TopTM strategy directs our drive for a leading share in the global market, whereas the Area Niche Top strategy guides us to the leading position in national and regional markets as we offer products that meet the specific needs of each area.

Niche Top Strategy

Example of Global Niche TopTM Products

Polarizing films for displays (NPF)

Polarizing films for displays (NPF™)

Offering superb optical properties, reliability, and workability, NPF™ (Nitto Polarizing Film) is available in a wide variety to meet customer needs for displays, including liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and organic electroluminescence displays (OLEDs).

Thermal release sheets (REVALPHA)

Thermal release sheets (REVALPHA™)

”REVALPHA” is a unique adhesive sheet that adheres tightly at room temperature but can easily be peeled off by applying heat and contributes significantly to automation/labor-saving of various electronic component manufacturing processes.

Thin-film Metal Base Board CISFLEX™

Thin-film metal circuit board for HDD head (CISFLEX™)

"CISFLEX" was developed through the combination of various technologies including Nitto's photosensitive polyimide technology. Keeping the magnetic head floating above the magnetic disk with delicate spring characteristics, this component plays an important role in transmitting signals that prompt HDDs to read/write data.


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