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Discover Nitto

Aiming to become an essential top ESG company that continually brings amazement and inspiration.


Nitto was founded in 1918, and it has been a manufacturer of high-performance materials ever since, providing a wide range of products globally.
We are committed to innovating in a customer-oriented manner.
Under the brand slogan "Innovation for Customers," we serve the global environment, humankind and society as our customers as well and continue to take on challenges for a sustainable future and everyone's wellbeing.

Nitto's Ideal State

The Nitto Group will continually challenge to inspire the world and create values that the society recognizes, taking the changes of the society as an opportunity with our corporate mission of “Contribute to customers’ value creation with innovative ideas”.

Implementing Our Niche Top Strategy and Nitto-Style ESG Strategy

Nitto aims to become an essential top ESG company through the implementation of our Niche Top Strategy and Nitto-Style ESG Strategy, which involves anticipating market changes and leveraging our technological strengths to create products and services that contribute to the environment and humanity.

About Nitto

Utilizing Nitto’s uniqueness, we will create new value through co-creation and innovation with our customers and partners to contribute to a prosperous future.

Net Sales (Consolidated)

915billion yen

Overseas Sales




Employees (Consolidated)


New products ration


Challenge ratio*


* Percentage of personnel taking on challenges of creating value

As of April, 2024

Nitto's Original Business Models

Sanshin Activities

Finding “new” applications for existing products and the adding new technologies to them or using new technologies to develop “new” products and the expanding their applications, thereby creating “new” demand - Literally translated as “three new activities,” Sanshin Activities is Nitto Group's proprietary marketing approach which we have diligently followed for more than 50 years by repeating the cycle of the three “news” for continued progress.

Niche Top Strategy

Global Niche Top™ strategy directs our drive for a leading share in the global market, whereas Area Niche Top™ strategy guides us to the leading position in national and regional markets as we offer products that meet the specific needs of each area.
“Global Niche Top” and “Area Niche Top” are trademarks of the Nitto Group.
“Global Niche Top”, is a trademark launched by Nitto in the mid-1990s and was registered in Japan in 2002. It is a management strategy that has supported Nitto's growth.

Contributing to Wide Range of Industries

Automotive and Transportation Equipment

Nitto has a rich lineup of products, providing automobiles and various other transport machines with an abundance of useful materials. We currently have sales offices established in more than 26 countries around the world.
We are working hard to provide new types of added value to meet the recent needs of various fields, especially the automobile field, through technologies such as automotive lightening that aims to further increase fuel efficiency in the future, the evolution of power modules for environmental vehicles and electrical equipment developed in pursuit of safety and amenity.

Automotive and Transportation Equipment

Housing / Housing Equipment

The housing industry is increasingly faced with a greater demand for enhanced housing functions, being represented by such concepts as the “100-year home” and the “smart house”. Some of these highly demanded functions include advanced living functions, solar cells, storage batteries, and an integrated management system for household appliances.
Nitto is doing its best to meet these advanced requirements by providing its customers with not only stand-alone materials, but by also meeting their own individual material and parts needs. In addition, by utilizing its evaluation facilities, Nitto is providing numerous solutions for improving durability, comfort, and environmental friendliness.

Housing / Housing Equipment

Infrastructure Industries

Nitto offers products and technical services from over 20 locations around the world.
These include filtration films that help protect water resources through seawater desalination and reuse of drainage water.
In addition, Nitto has been advancing research and development in the field of new energy, providing materials for wind power generation and developing materials for solar panels.

Infrastructure Industries

Material Industries

Beginning with surface protection films, Nitto provides a diverse lineup of products in the material processing field for metal plates, resin substrates, glass sheets, etc.
In addition to continuing to develop adhesive technologies such as “firm adhesive strength” and “clean peeling”, Nitto is also continuously meeting the needs of customers via a global network, which includes 3 production and processing centers.

Material Industries

Home Appliance and Electrical Industries

Nitto offers a diverse lineup of products for various applications, ranging from major household appliances to AV, mobile, office automation equipment, and LED lights. This wide variation includes ultra-thin sealant materials, which are practically free of impure substances that can contaminate devices, as well as double-sided tapes, which has properties similar to fixing screws.
Nitto is able to meet customer needs through its network of more than 70 offices and production centers worldwide.

Home Appliance and Electrical Industries


Nitto responds to customers’ requirements by offering them valuable solutions that incorporate its unique technologies and products, including the know-how for producing high-definition, durable, thin, and lightweight technologies in various types of optical and adhesive film for displays and touch panel devices.
Furthermore, Nitto has been continuously supplying the world with high-grade display peripheral materials that utilize the latest technologies.


Electronic Devices

Nitto provides a wide range of products for manufacturing processes and parts, including semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing process materials, optical device sealing materials, and HDD peripheral materials.
In particular, we have developed a system for supplying the world with various unique and feature-rich materials (such as tape that can be peeled off after heating it), thus contributing to the rationalization of production processes.

Electronic Devices

Medical Industries

Nitto has secured the global top share in the synthesis of nucleic acid medicines through its fully equipped facilities and systems, which are capable of carrying out all stages of development from initial research of the smallest scale to final clinical testing.
Nitto’s transdermal adsorption drugs that apply its adhesive technology have been highly acclaimed for their reliable production technology based on long-standing experience.
Nitto has also developed and manufactured a diverse line of hygienic goods from bandages gentle to the skin to injury-preventing sports tape.

Medical Industries

Packaging Industries

Nitto provides a wide range of tape products that can be used in various applications. Some of the products include tape for cardboard packaging, temporary adhesion tape that doesn't leave any glue residue when removed, and security tape that makes it possible to know when the tape was tampered with. Furthermore, Nitto has a lineup of tape applicators that facilitate labor savings and a reduction in man-hours.
Nitto offers a high-quality packaging system via its rich arrangement of technologies and products for adhesion, peeling, and display.

Packing Products/Packaging Machines

Consumer Products / Personal Care Products

In addition to Nitto technologies being used in businesses and various technologies, its products are also widely utilized in the markets of consumer goods. Nitto has been able to supply the consumer market with various materials from housewares to materials used in hygienic goods such as diapers, helping customers achieve a more comfortable way of life. Nitto’s adhesive cleaner “COLOCOLO” series provides a wide variety of products that can be used in diverse applications from picking up pet hair to sebum removal.

Consumer Products / Personal Care Products

The Challenges Nitto is Taking on

The Nitto Group keeps challenging itself to realize a sustainable future and support the well-being of everyone by serving the global environment, humankind, and society as its customers.

Daring to Challenge What Only Nitto Can

Placning ESG at the core of our management , the Nitto Group bases all thath we do on the Basic Policy on Sustainability.

Nitto Group Integrated Report

Nitto Group Integrated Report

Nitto Group Integrated Report 2024

Our Capabilities to Contribute to the Future

The Nitto Group has made constant efforts to combine and advance its founding technologies to develop core technologies, which are being applied to a broad range of businesses. In the domains of digital interface, power & mobility, and human life, where our technologies and strengths are felt most acutely, and spaces where they intersect, we hybridize our core technologies to develop “essential” products.