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AEROSEAL® DC260 Double coated corrosion protection tape

DC260, also known as AEROSEAL®, is a double-coated, differential adhesion pressure sensitive adhesive tape that utilizes a unique silicone rubber and polyether adhesive construction to protect against moisture penetration on flat or irregular surfaces in aerospace applications.



  • Exhibits strong adhesion on the adhesive side and moderate adhesion on the silicone rubber side, meanwhile both sides leave no residue upon removal
  • Easy installation and workability
  • Silicone rubber is 100% cured, highly hydrophobic, and low durometer to allow for easy conformability and rework ability while also preventing moisture penetration and migration
  • Compressible construction allows for efficient sealing where gasket materials are needed
  • Passes FAR 25.853 Appendex F Part 1 (a)(1)(iv)
  • Reach and RoHS compliant (see Precaution tab)
  • Available in multiple stockings and/or custom sizes


A double sided moisture barrier tape that will show its best performance when compressed. Main uses include protecting areas against corrosion such as galleys, underneath floor boards, under lavatories, door sills, stringers, sealing access panels, etc.


  • Best stored between 50°F-80ºF / 10°C-27ºC, 25-50% relative humidity; out of direct sunlight.
  • Surface should be clean, free of oil, moisture and dirt before applying.
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes may require pressure by roller, hand or press when applying. Not doing so may affect the general properties and appearance.
  • Please inspect your surface prior to application; this tape may not adhere well to extremely uneven or distorted surfaces.
  • Please remember to allow adequate time for full adhesive strength.
  • Nitto works to ensure that DC260 is REACH compliant. REACH compliance lists are updated every six months, so please contact us directly to ensure that the product you are interested in meets the latest REACH regulations.

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