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Petrolatum Anticorrosion Tape No.59 Series

For antirust/anticorrosion of irregular shapes. Petrolatum anticorrosion tape perfectly sticks to any shape.

No.59 Series uses a nonwoven fabric base impregnated with petrolatum-based compound made from petroleum, which has good elasticity, and closely sticks to any shape. It forms excellent antirust/anticorrosion layer with just a simple work of winding or applying, and smoothing.



  • It brings out superior antirust/anticorrosion effect by shielding the metal surface against air and water.
  • Antirust/anticorrosion petrolatum changes red rust to black rust and stabilizes the material.
  • With its high-powered chemical-resistance, it prevents corrosion by acid, alkali, and bacteria.
  • Superior adhesive power of petrolatum continues forming of antirust/anticorrosion layer without having evaporation or hardening.
  • No special skill is needed, and it is easy to work with.
  • It perfectly adheres to any kind of complicated shape.
  • No need to heat. It forms anticorrosion layer by just winding and stroking.


PropertyUnitMeasured value
Water absorption ratio0.
Tensile strengthN/25mm Width78.
Adhesive strength *1S60 or more60 or more60 or more60 or more
Volume resistivityΩcm1014101410141014
Resistance to thermal melting *2~+55~+65~+65~+90

The above values are sample measured values, not the guaranteed performance.

*1 Adhesive strength test method

Affix a specimen of 25mm x 25mm on stainless steel plate with test temperature of 20℃, press the specimen with 5kg roller one pass back and forth, then apply 100g load and measure time until it falls down.

*2 Resistance to Thermal Melting Test Method

Wind the tape around a small pipe and set it horizontally in a homoiothermal chamber at designated temperature. After 24 hours, any dropping of the tape compound should not be found.



For underground installation, underwater installation, etc.


For area that needs flame retardancy.


For high temperature section that needs heat-resistance. (Thermal melting resistant temperature: 90℃)

*Thermal melting resistant temperature means the drop temperature of the compound.


  • For various pipes (straight pipes, flanges, elbows, T-tubes, etc.)
  • For steel structures with complicated shape.
  • For steel structure in seawater and tidal zone. Taping is available after application of a primer of underwater paste. With appropriate covering, it forms long-lasting antirust/anticorrosion coating.

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