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Formulation of the new Mid-term Management Plan ”Nitto for Everyone 2025”

Nitto Denko Corporation (headquarter: Osaka, Japan, President: Hideo Takasaki, hereafter Nitto)has formulated and initiated its mid-term management plan ”Nitto for Everyone 2025”. The plan covers the next three years, ending in FY2025, and clearly states the targets to be achieved in support of realizing the company’s vision “2030 Ideal State.”

Nitto’s vision, the 2030 Ideal State

Continuing to bring about amazement and inspiration as a Niche Top creator to become “an irreplaceable top ESG company”
Nitto’s vision, the 2030 Ideal State

Overview of Nitto for Everyone 2025

Basic Policy:

Nitto will implement our “Niche Top Strategy and Nitto-Style ESG Strategy” to create products and services that contribute to the global environment and humanity by anticipating changes in market trends and utilizing Nitto’s technological strengths. Through these efforts, we aim to become “an irreplaceable top ESG company.”

Financial Targets:

FY2022 (Results) FY2025 target FY2030 target
Operating Income
147.2 billion yen
170.0 billion yen (17%) 240.0 billion yen
ROE 12.7% 15% 20%

Future-Financial Targets:

The Nitto Groups places ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) at the core of management to improve its corporate value. We have defined six new future-financial targets, which we believe will generate future business and realize profits.
Item FY2022 Results FY2025 Target FY2030 Target
Products Continued New products ratio 41% Over 35 Over 35
New Niche Top sales ratio 47% 50 Over 50%
New PlanetFlags™/HumanFlags™ category sales ratio 17% *Flags certified products 40 Over 50
Environment Continued CO2 emissions 570 kton/year 550kton/year 470kton/year
New Waste plastic recycling ratio 46% 50 60
New Sustainable materials procurement ratio 17% *In Japan 20 30
HR Continued Female leaders ratio 19% 24 30
New Engagement score 74 (FY2021) 78 85
New Challenge ratio
Percentage of personnel taking on challenges of creating value
42% 70 85

Focus Domains:

Anticipating market trends and the future prospects of our business, we have established focus domains that are an extension of our previous focus areas: Power & Mobility, Digital Interface, and Human Life. The areas where these focus domains intersect are where we will utilize Nitto’s technological strengths and convergence.

Focus Item:

  1. Transformation of Business Portfolio to Contribute to the Environment and Humanity
     Acquire and allocate internal and external resources to implement growth investment and structural reforms with a balanced approach.
  2. Advancement of Innovation Model to Produce New Niche Top
     Establish a new path to success to realize “irreplaceable” Niche Top solutions.
  3. Reformation of Organizational Culture to Accelerate Challenges
     Strengthen talent and teams, the source of Nitto’s competitiveness, through diverse human resource activities and inclusion measures.
  4. Transformation of Management Infrastructure to Anticipate Change
      Transform into a company with a resilient business foundation, immune to external influences and which can anticipate changes in the surrounding environment.

The Nitto Groups places ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) at the core of management and accelerates to create new products and services at the intersections of the three focus domains. Additionally, we aim to leap forward and contribute further to the healthy living of people and a sustainable global environment.

Please access the following site for the details of “Nitto for Everyone 2025.”

Nitto for Everyone 2025

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