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Transdermal Therapeutic Systems (TTS)

What is TTS?

Transdermal Therapeutic Systems (TTS), or transdermal patches, deliver drugs to the body via skin absorption. TTS is a highly useful form of drug administration with many advantages. One advantage is immediate visual confirmation of administration when the patch is applied to the skin. Additionally, the formulas are designed to control the rate of drug absorption which helps to sustain drug-blood concentration over an extended period.

Advantages of TTS・Key Development Points

Advantages of TTS

  • Possible to control absorption speed by the formulation design
  • Easy to sustain drug blood concentration over an extended period
  • Avoids the first-pass metabolism by the liver
  • Easy to use (especially for patients with dysphagia)
  • Easy to check drug adherence
  • Stop drug administration by simply removing the patch

Key Development Points

Four Key Factors in TTS Development (Permeability, Safety, Stability, and Adhesion) and Nitto’s Approach

CDMO* Services for TTS

Our Services

  • Formulation Study
  • Process Development
  • Manufacturing (non-clinical, clinical, and commercial)
  • Free skin permeability examination of compounds by simulation.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

*Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization


High Throughput Screening

Nitto’s High Throughput Screening

We can evaluate the skin permeability of a large number of samples at once using our High Throughput Screening – an original method that uses only a small amount of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).


Adhesives Used in TTS

TTS requires the right adhesive technology to achieve its target properties, so Nitto uses its original acrylic adhesive technology to design the optimal formula.



Gentle Skin Adhesion


Nitto’s Capabilities/Experiences

The advantages of our commercial manufacturing include capacity, experience, and technology.

MFG capacity

World’s best production capacity of patches for systemic TTS (Over 7 Billion patches in cumulative total)


- 3 Adhesive polymerization machines   
- 7 Coating & drying machines  
- 12 Packaging machines   

medical_001_img_supply01 medical_001_img_supply02 medical_001_img_supply03 


Experience with multiple inspections by pharmaceutical companies and competent authorities (Japan, China and South Korea)  

Nitto’s unit share of systemic TTS production*1


*1    Copyright © 2020 IQVIA.
        Calculated based on IQVIA MIDAS 2019, Market defined by Nitto
        Reprinted with permission
*2     9 major countries: Japan, China, South Korea, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK

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