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Semiconductor Production Process Film NITOFLON™ Release Film for Molding Process MPS Series

MPS series are PTFE release film products for molding process with superior heat resistance and releasability.



  • Recommended operating temperature range is from -100℃ to 260℃ for continuous use, and can be used even in higher temperature for a short period.
  • Adhesive substances would hardly attached to the film, and even if it attaches, it can be ealisiy removed.
  • Product lineups are Standard type, Low thermal expansion type,  and High-strength/high thermal contraction type.



  • Mold release during semiconductor chip resin sealing
  • Releasing from resin
  • Protect mold from sticking excess sealing resin
  • Reduce solvent


Property Unit (Nitto)PTFE Film t0.05mm
MPS-10 MPS-11 MPS-13
Tensile Strenght MD MPa 50 58 79
TD 40 38 39
Elongation MD 300 258 120
TD 340 351 335
Coefficient of thermal Expansion MD 10-6/℃ 0 33 -527
 F  32  91  -916.6
TD 10-6/℃ 333 186 219
Surface roughness um 0.27 0.20 Gloss surface 0.24
Matte surface 0.36
MIL 0.01 0.007 Gloss surface 0.009
Matte surface 0.014
Melting Point ℃  327
 F 620
Usable temperature
(Continuous use)
 ℃ 260
 F 500
Feature Standard Low Thermal Expansion ・High strength
・High thermal contraction
*This data represents examples of measured values, and not guaranteed values.

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