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Safety efforts by sites 2021

Receive the Special Award for its site safety activities at the 2nd Safety Promotion Conference

Put safety awareness and behavior reform into practice

The Korea Nitto Optical Co., Ltd. has been working on the safety awareness reform of managers and supervisors due to serious accidents in the past. Managers take the initiative in visiting the production site and encouraging workers through dialogue. Respecting the candid opinions of workers, managers set an example in promoting safety and engage in the cultivation of a safety culture.

Site safety activity award

T・E・A・M activity

Nitto Denko Material (Thailand) Co., Ltd. promotes T.E.A.M. activity towards zero work/fire accidents. T.E.A.M. is an abbreviation of Training (fire extinguishment drill, traffic safety), Encouragement (safety patrol, safety guidance to sub-contractors), Awareness (raise safety awareness through safety campaign and risk assessment) and Motivation (motivate employees through morning safety talks or social contribution) and is an initiative with the participation of all employees.

Small group safety activity award

Initiative in maintaining zero work accidents

Shenzhen Nitto Optical Co., Ltd. has maintained zero work accidents by construction workers since FY2018. In order to continue the zero accidents streak, they have begun a new initiative by introducing a real-time monitoring system of construction sites, which are difficult to supervise 24/7, with the aim of achieving zero unsafe behavior by construction workers. At the same time, they provide training to construction workers from the viewpoint of 3H (Hajimete (for the time time), Hisashiburi (for the first time in a while) and Henkou sita sagyo houhou (changed working method).


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