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Nameplate Surface Protection Film   SPV-KL-680

Surface protective materials that offers outstanding heat resistance and weatherability

This is a PVC film base material surface protective tape for nameplates.Since it has excellent heat-resistant,plate thermal bonding and hot press is possible


  • Excellent heat resistance, durable against hot press fabrication 
  • Withstand the punching, drawing or bending process, protecting the nameplates from damage 
  • Light unwinding and easy laminating workability 
  • Excellent weatherability



Adhesive Strengyh (N/20mm)
Unwinding Force (N/20mm) 0.20
Total thickness (mm) 0.080
Elongation (%) 200
Tensile strength MD (N/20mm) 50
Width (mm) 1250
Color Clear/Light blue


Surface protection for nameplates during heat lamination and transportation


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TEL +55-11-2450-6600
FAX +55-11-2450-6601
Horario laboral (Brasil)
8:00-17:00 (excepto sábados, domingos y fiestas nacionales)

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