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In Focus

To sustain Nitto’s growth

Message from the President

Responding to Change Flexibly to Persevere in an Uncertain Time

Building on the Nitto Group’s “DNA” to bring about Innovations for the Next 100 Years to Come

The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it economic stagnation and changes in consumer behavior, which is increasing the uncertainty of the future. Throughout its more than a century-long history, the Nitto Group has been able to sustain its growth through numerous tribulations. Faced with this latest hardship, we hope to keep moving forward by flexibly coping with change.
When the whole world plunged into a recession in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008, we implemented drastic reforms under the keywords of “Mu-Gen-Dai”: “Mu (eliminating),” “Gen (reducing),” and “Dai (substituting).” At that time, we extensively examined what in our everyday jobs, equipment, and systems could be “eliminated,” “reduced,” or “substituted.” With this approach, we were able to make a turnaround earlier than expected.
Going forward, we will streamline the things that we should continue doing, and replace what needs changing with novel ideas, in an attempt to wade through this time of uncertainty.

Board Member
President, CEO&COO

髙﨑 秀雄

Basic Policy on Sustainability

Simultaneously solving social issues and creating economic value

~The Nitto Group keeps challenging itself to realize a sustainable future and support well-being for everyone by serving the global environment, humankind, and society as our customers~

  • We seek the sustainable enhancement of corporate culture through the practice of our Corporate Philosophy.
  • We contribute to "sustainable growth," the universal principle of humanity, through business.
  • We foster "respect and trust" through dialogue with stakeholders.
  • We remain conscious of the environment and act with integrity.
  • We pay due regard to human rights, the environment, and diversity, including those pertaining to the supply chain.
  • We work to realize sustainability through fair and transparent governance.

Basic Policies

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