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The Partner Hotline

The Partner Hotline was established as a means for partners to report any violation (or potential violation) by Nitto Group employees of the Nitto Denko Group Business Guidelines, procurement or behavioral guidelines based on CSR, partner agreements, statutes, or corporate ethics, as related to purchasing activity.

Partner Hotline Reception

If a Nitto Group employee violates these guidelines as related to purchasing activities, please click the "Report" button below to contact us. We ask that you include as many specific details as possible in your report, so that we can investigate and resolve the issue quickly.
Please refrain from submitting a report with malicious intentions, including libel, defamation, or threats.

Handling of reports and personal information

Content submitted in the report will be received by a compliance department, which is completely unrelated to purchasing activities. If a violation of compliance is determined upon investigation and confirmation of relevant facts, we will contact our auditing department to further investigate the claim.
Content, names, and other personal information in your report will only be used in the investigation, and will not be disclosed or provided to a third party.

Unfavorable treatment based on reports is prohibited

Partners who submit reports will not be treated unfavorably or unfairly based solely on the content of their report. However, this rule does not apply if intentional libel, defamation, or malice is included in the report.