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Virtual Patent Marking

Nitto's technology is used in products sold by the company and products and services sold and offered by its commercial partners. This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a). The below products are covered by the patents listed, and may be covered by other pending or issued U.S. and foreign patents. This list is non-exhaustive and the status of the patents may change at any time. For the most updated status of patents, please check the USPTO site at Nitto products not listed here may nonetheless be protected by laws in the U.S. or elsewhere. The absence of any patent from this list does not prevent enforcement of any legal rights associated with that patent.

Hydrogen detection tape

US Pat. 8,048,384
US Pat. 8,652,993
US Pat. 8,591,818
US Pat. 8,293,178
US Pat. 8,920,730
US Pat. 8,945,473
US Pat. 8,703,642
US Pat. 9,228,954
US Pat. App. 62/460490
US Pat. App. 62/575132

Moisture Barrier Tape 11611-MB

US Pat. App. 9,546,303
Int. Pub. No. WO 2017/205372

Ammonia detection tape

US Pat. App. 62/794,322

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