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For installation, modification and repairs

Carpet Tape

Double sided tape with clean removal

PAnti-corrosion/Moisture Barrier Tape

Anti-corrosion tape for support structures and cargo panels

Pipe Thread Sealant

Seals pipe joints and is inert to all acids, alkalis, and caustics.

Surface protection during manufacturing and modification

Excellent for protecting various substrates such as windows, carpets, plastics, cabinetry, metal plating, etc.

For sealing cargo liner panels

Cargo hold seam tape

Flame retardant seam tape that is conformable over contoured surfaces.

For composite bonding and painting processes

Paint masking tape

Highly conformable tapes with solvent resistance

Composite bonding tapes

Tapes for honeycomb milling, flash masking, and mold release processes.

Paint stripping tape

Foil tape with excellent solvent and chemical resistance

For protecting windows during manufacturing and maintenance

Surface Protection during manufacturing and maintenance

High adhesion with clean and easy removal.

Paint Masking / Stripping Tape

Residue free tape that is resistant to chemicals and solvents

For protecting areas during metal refurbishing

High temperature masking tape for thermal spray

Outstanding radiant heat reflectivity and thermal stability.

High temperature masking tape for plasma spray

Conformable tape with high thermal rating.

High temperature masking tape for HVOF spray

Double coated tape works well on uneven surfaces because of its thinness and flexibility.

For bundling and wrapping wires

PVC Tape

Electrical insulating tape available in multiple colors for ease of identification

Glass Cloth Tape

Good anchoring for heavy gauge wires

Kapton™ Polyimide Tape

Works well in extreme temperatures and is solvent resistant.


High dielectric strength, and low friction

Automotive and Transportation Equipment