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Low-VOC, Solvent-free, Double Sided Tape with Excellent Peelability No.5000E



Sharply reduced total VOC

Sharply reduced VOC emission levels!

In a wide variety of fields, there have been calls to reduce VOC, which affects the human body. “No.5000E” is a new double sided tape in which the emission levels of toluene and ethyl acetate have been reduced to 1/500 of the emission levels of conventional recycled tapes.


Re-peelable (recyclable) even after long-term attachment

Considerations for the environment with low VOC and re-peelable (recyclable) properties

In order to facilitate the reuse and easy dismantlement of parts during product recycling, both the following two functions are required for environment-friendly double sided tape:

  1. When detaching the tape alone after long-term parts fixation, the tape can be peeled away easily without being cut into strips.
  2. Even after detaching the tape after long-term parts fixation, hardly any adhesive agent remains.

The following verification results demonstrate that the environmental performance of the new double sided tape “No. 5000E” meets these two functional requirements at a high level.


Repulsion resistance

Exerts high parts-fixing performance for ABS, PSt, and PP with no lifting!

Along with the extremely low total VOC of LCD TVs, and the achievement of high environmental performance during product recycling, the following verification demonstrated that the parts-fixing performance of the new double sided tape “No. 5000E” is very good.



  • Televisions
  • Air-conditioners
  • Other home electronics, OA devices, and information terminals

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