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Thin PTFE Adhesive Tape NITOFLON™ No.903UT

New Product Release. Earth-friendly Product Lineup.

The base material and adhesive become thinner and lighter, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.



  • A thin type adhesive tape with a total thickness of 0.06 mm. Approximately 23% lighter than conventional products, contributing to resource conservation.
  • It has excellent properties such as heat resistance, weather resistance, and low coefficient of friction.
  • Can be used continuously from -60℃ to 200℃ (recommended value), and can be used at higher temperatures for short periods of time.
  • Certified UL510 flame retardancy standard (Registration Number E34833).



  • Insulation of electric wires, cables, and coils 
  • Insulation and sliding of motor drive systems.
  • Friction noise control inside automobiles or friction control in sliding sections

CO2 Reduction


Items Unit Characteristic value
Total Thickness mm 0.06
180° Peeling strength(Substrate : Stainless steel) N/19mm 4.3
Unwinding force N/19mm 3.8
Tensile strength N/19mm 44
Elongation % 180
Breakdown voltage kV 6.4
Coefficient kinetic friction - 0.1
Flame Retardant - UL510 Flame Retardant (E34833)
Usable temperature(Continuous use) -60~200

Experimental video

Heat Resistance
Sliding Properties
Electrical Insulation
Chemical Resistance
Mold Release Properties
Weather Resistance

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