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Diversity & Inclusion

The Nitto Group employs about 30,000 people the world over, who bring diversity to the Group in terms of nationality, cultural background, gender, age, and employment type. Our goal is to cultivate Nitto Persons who contribute to the organization as they develop themselves and to create new values by applying diverse perspectives to business management. In fiscal 2018, we established a department that promotes diversity and inclusion to drive our efforts in this regard in the global arena.

Empowerment of Women

Empowerment of women is among the top priority issues at the Nitto Group. As such, we engage in activities designed to foster and support a pertinent culture for this worthy cause. For ratio of women in management, we are aiming to achieve 30% globally, 10% in Japan region by fiscal 2030. As per the Japan’s Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, we set the following action plan.

[Nitto (non-consolidated) action plan]
Establishment of a working environment where women play as much of an active managerial role (or managerial candidate) as men do. Period for the plan :April 1, 2021~March 31, 2023

Activities:Increase the percentage of women in management (managers and above) to 10% by 2030. Increase the percentage of male employees taking parental leave to at least 30% by 2023.

1.Provide education to women in managers and women before promotion to managerial positions (assistant managers) to develop leadership.
2.Work to improve work-life balance with the aim of reducing the number of employees who resign or transfer course due to life events.

Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

The Nitto Group in Japan maintained its percentage of employees with disabilities, most of whom are on the payroll of Nitto Denko Himawari Group companies established around major locations in the country, at approximately 3.0% at the end of fiscal 2018, staying true to the concept of “contributing to society by realizing a company in which independence-oriented individuals with disabilities work together with elderly individuals who understand them and take on the challenge of reaching their own limitless potentials through their work.” We will remain active in employment of individuals with disabilities. 

  • The Nitto Group employs individuals with disabilities at its four Nitto Denko Himawari Group companies in Japan, thus providing opportunities for everyone.

Elderly Employment

At Nitto Group companies in Japan, employees who have reached the mandatory retirement age (60) but are still healthy and have a passion and desire for work are given opportunities to use their experience and knowledge gained over many years’ services to play a substantial role in the company. High achievers are remunerated accordingly so that they can maintain their motivation at work.

Foreign National Employees

Beginning in 2012, we hire students from around the world that are graduating from universities in Japan and abroad every year, adding an international flavor to our workforce. In order to further expand the pool of younger employees and enhance diversity of the organization, we are forging ahead with various programs, including furthering of partnerships with universities across the globe and aggressive recruitment outside of Japan.
Meanwhile, we help our employees to deepen their understanding of other cultures by organizing extensive training opportunities.


To become a company that gives diverse human resources full play, we remain committed to programs designed to include sexual minorities (LGBTQ+); one program under consideration is how we should make such employees eligible for life-event-related systems.


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