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Recruitment/Development of employees

At the Nitto Group, we maintain a global personnel system to develop Nitto Persons through a series of processes from recruitment, HR development, to career building. To assist individuals in developing their competency, we are expanding opportunities for personal interviews and training.
We believe that we can achieve sustainable growth of our people and organization by cultivating employees who remain passionate about growth and eagerly continue to challenge themselves, while at the same time developing a corporate culture and programs in line with our Corporate Philosophy.


The ever-changing business environment these days is pushing the Nitto Group into the global market with the result that its overseas sales ratio reached over 70% in fiscal 2018. Going forward, we will make greater efforts to recruit and develop global-minded people who can address the diverse needs in the multipolarizing market from the perspectives of each country and region.

HR Development

We determine what knowledge and skill sets people need to acquire at each stage of the career ladder and incorporate them into a training curriculum so that each employee may choose courses on their own initiative. At the same time, we offer a wide range of training opportunities tailored for each job function, such as sales, production engineering, and manufacturing, thereby raising the overall competency level of each job function. In addition to such training opportunities, we will expedite our efforts to foster a workplace environment and culture in which the entire workplace serves as a vehicle for cultivating human resources.

Also, with a view to fostering future senior executives for the Group, we launched the Nitto Global Business Academy (NGBA), which has driven the Nitto Group forward in the area of new business creation and solutions to managerial issues. Our goal is to transform NGBA into a program that better caters to practical needs as a powerhouse that cultivates the human resources who will shape Nitto’s future identity.

inovas, a facility that fuses R&D with HR development

inovas, a facility that fuses R&D with HR development

Right People in the Right Positions

At the Nitto Group, we make it a point to put the right people in the right positions across the globe to ensure business growth and to help employees develop and build their career.
As a global player, it is imperative to strengthen local management. Accordingly, we are proactively assigning local people to key positions at our overseas subsidiaries, believing that management of those locations is best left to people from each country and region.

Personnel System, Compensations

To facilitate personnel rotation across countries and regions, we have introduced a shared merit rating system and job function grading system for the Group, thus achieving fair and equitable treatment across the board.
We comply with minimum wage requirements established in each country/region.


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