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Efforts to Safety task

Efforts to Safety task

The Nitto Group shares the value of “placing safety before everything else” and we engage in our daily business undertakings with this in mind. We believe that it is possible to achieve our goal of zero accidents and injuries if all members of the Group unite together to create workplace environments where everyone can work in good health without anxiety.

We will take safety measures from the three perspectives of “Machine safety, ” “Safety sensitivity ,” and “Safety procedures.”

Machine safety (engineering) - Identify and evaluate risks existing in the production site and make engineering improvements thereto;
- Minimize the risk of newly introduced equipment and disclose residual risk.
- Use new safety technologies against risks difficult to address.
Safety sensitivity (workers) - Raise risk awareness in order to take safe behavior for oneself.
- Understand the meaning of decisions (rules) and take ownership thereof in order for such decisions to be deeply instilled in workers(Conformance).
- Act with a strong determination of reducing work accidents to zero.
Safety procedures (system/organization) - Improve, maintain and manage the quality of accident-prevention education/training.
- Managers/supervisors shall make efforts to understand the actual situation of the production site and thoroughly control operation.
- Promptly respond to silent voices from the production site.

Introduction of the remote assistant system

When accidents occur at Nitto Group sites, we check their scales and situations by using the remote assistant system of Microsoft HoloLens2, which is an effective solution to swiftly respond to accidents no matter whether accidents have occurred inside/outside Japan. In this manner, we can overcome outside factors including movement restrictions due to Covid-19 infections.

Promotion of collaborative safety

Nitto Group has ensured that humans and machines are separated from each other, as work risk reduction measures. We have begun developing measures to detect hazards and prevent accidents using artificial intelligence (AI).
In order to we place safety before everything else, which is basic concept of the Nitto Group, we seek “collaborative safety,” i.e., ensuring safety through collaboration between AI, robotics, and other novel technologies and humans and organizations.

Case :Detects workers approaching a forklift

Case :Detects workers approaching a forklift


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