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Environmental efforts by sites 2021

Enhancing environmental mindset through company-wide events

Nitto has been holding a global company-wide event, "Nitto Environment Week," to coincide with World Environment Day on June 5 every year since 2019. Various events were held by using digital contents such as easy-to-learn environmental textbook, environmental quiz, and other participatory-type events. In 2021, we held an 3R event to ask our employees to think about garbage problems around themselves and take 3R actions at both home and work.

Digital contents

R-3 (3R) event submitted work

4th Green Challenge! Awareness raising through poster design contest ~ Nitto Americas area ~

Nitto Americas area has held a contest for employees and their families to design environmental posters as an event of new green challenge initiative. Employees voted for the winning entries and shared them as posters or computer wallpaper, allowing them to enjoy themselves with their families while raising environmental awareness.

Event poster

Posted works

Contributing to society by donating to an NGO tree planting project ~ Nitto Denko UK ~

Nitto Denko UK Ltd. has donated to a corporate tree planting project, which is provided by a non-profit NGO, EFORESTS.  Each planted tree is issued a certification and given a unique number. Employees visited the forest where the trees were planted and thought about environment together.


Reduction of environmental impact through collaboration with customers and suppliers ~ Nissho Precision (Malaysia) ~

Nissho Precision (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. started to provide products using 100% recycled PET film through collaboration with suppliers and customers. The cooperation has led to a significant reduction in environmental impact.

Recycled PET film 

Reduced carbon footprint

Reduction of waste plastic by establishment of cafeteria ~ Nitto Matex (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. ~

Nitto Matex (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. did not have a cafeteria and thus caused a lot of waste due to food that employees brought. After the set up of cafeteria, disposable tableware has become zero.

Sponsorship for tree planting activities ~ Korea Nitto Optical Co., Ltd. ~

Nitto Denko Optical Korea Co., Ltd. has participated in the government-led "Factory Activities in the Forest" for three years and have raised environmental awareness among employees.

Tree planting certification from the government

Expanding use of FSC®-certified paper ~Nitto Denko Himawari Corporation Toyohashi

Nitto Denko Himawari Corporation Toyohashi has been working to expand the use of certified paper since it acquired FSC®COC certification (FSC-C147509) in 2019.​They have expanded the environment-friendly printing to our company newsletters, business office newsletters, and general in-house printed matters.

Examples of using the paper acquired FSC®COC certification​

Upcycling by composting of fallen leaves ~ Nitto Himawari Kameyama ~

Nitto Himawari Kameyama Corporation has made compost by collected leaves during cleanup activities. Fallen leaves used to been incinerated has turn out to be upcycled and used as sunflowers fertilizer for viewing parties.