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Packing Products/Packaging Machines

Packing Products/Packaging Machines

For various types of packing and packaging of cardboard, etc.

A wide-ranging lineup, including OPP and fabrics.

OPP adhesive tape for firm packaging

Can be used for various items and situations, including light objects, heavy objects, hand applicators, and mechanical applicators.

A strong, hand-tearable cloth tape

Featuring good workability and easy hand-tearable material, this adhesive tape has been used for packaging longer than the others. Featuring a fashionable, colorful cloth tape to meet modern needs.

For sealing small boxes, packages, or food containers

Used in a wide variety of fields, such as sealing small boxes, packages, and food containers, or seal inspection, etc.

Tape for Individual or Inner Packaging

Tape for specially printed seal inspection, metric-type polyester tape, eco-friendly can tape, etc.
Featuring a lineup of products with unique properties.

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