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About the Nitto brand

Who is Nitto?

​Nitto has been inspiring customers through the creation and development of innovative ideas since its foundation in 1918. Nitto’s promise to contribute to customers’ value creation extends to a wide variety of businesses fields.

Nitto’s Brand Mark

The ‘N’ in Nitto has an elegant accent. This exemplifies Nitto’s dedication to making dynamic change throughout various fields, and within itself to create new innovations for customers.

Nitto’s Brand Slogan

The Nitto Group is committed to innovating in a customer-oriented manner, and our brand’s slogan, “Innovation for Customers”, reflects that commitment.

Nitto’s Brand Colors

Nitto’s brand colors have specific meanings, such as:
Nitto Red: Passion, energy, creativity, and warmth
Nitto Blue: Advanced technology, trust, high quality, and intelligence


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Business Hours(Taiwan time)
8:30-17:30 (Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays)

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