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Environmental Policy

Protecting our planet to pass on to future generations
We contribute to the development of a sustainable society by minimizing the negative environmental impact of our businesses and providing a positive impact through our products and services.

Our environmental policy for business activities:
◆ Integrity with a commitment to environmental preservation both locally and globally
 ・ We understand the environmental impact of our business activities over our entire supply chain.
 ・ We continually reduce the environmental impact of our operations.
 ・ We appropriately manage environmentally hazardous substances.
 ・ With gratitude to nature for her blessings, we balance our business activities with the cycle of natural materials
 ・ As part of our social commitment, we make proprietary technologies and information that can benefit the environment publicly available
◆ Helping to create a sustainable society by offering products and services
 ・ We develop and provide products and services that help resolve global environmental problems.
 ・ We create products along with our customers to eliminate environmental problems.
 ・ We provide products and services that reduce the environmental impact of our customer’s processes.
◆ Compliance with laws in letter and spirit
 ・ We comply with the letter and spirit of environmental laws in all countries where we operate.
 ・ We observe relevant international standards and voluntary regulations.

*This policy is also available in Japanese. In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions, the Japanese version will prevail.


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