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Nitto Bento Bantçılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Company Detail

The company started in 1976 with the production of packaging tapes and masking tapes under the 'ASTEL' brand. In 1990 the company started with the production of baby diapers under the brand 'Canbebe', which is still today one of the top baby diaper brands in Turkey. The diaper business was divested to the Ontex Group in 2000. At that time the company moved into the new premises at Esenyurt in Istanbul. In 2012 a major expansion was made with the completion of a second warehouse and production building. In 2012 the company was acquired by Nitto. Today the company focuses on the production and commercialization of adhesive tapes for the industrial market and hygiene tapes & components for the Hygiene market under the product brands 'ASTEL', 'BENTO' and 'Nitto'.

Nitto Bento's product portfolio includes:
- Packaging tapes, masking tapes, double sided tapes and cellophane tapes
- Closure tapes, frontal tapes, elastic ears and hotmelt glue for baby and adult diapers producers
- Protective tapes for window profiles, external facade panels, aluminium and steel plates

Nitto Bento's modern plant consists of 3 buildings and external warehouses covering an area of 56,057 m2. The company’s quality management system is fully in line with ISO 9001 standard and has been certified by DNV. Our dynamic enterprise will continue to strive to be one of the leading companies in our sector.

“QUALITY”, “CONTINUOUS INNOVATION” and “CUSTOMER FOCUS”, are the most important development policies of Nitto Bento.

Company Profile

Company Name Nitto Bento Bantçılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Established Date 19 February 1976
Address Akçaburgaz Mah. 3097 Sokak No: 9 34510 Esenyurt, İSTANBUL, TURKEY
TEL +90-212-886-9040
FAX +90-212-886-9048

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Company History

1976Foundation of Astel Kağıtçılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
1977Start production of cellophane tapes, masking tapes and packaging tapes.
1990Start of the baby diaper business (brand Canbebe).
2000Exit of the baby diaper business. Business divested to the Ontex Group.
2000Move of the company premises to the current address.
2000Foundation of the new company Bento focusing on Industrial Tapes and Hygienic Components.
2002Start of the production of mechanical frontal tapes for baby and adult diapers.
2003Start of the production of closure tapes for baby and adult diapers.
2005Start of the production of protective adhesive films for industrial applications.
2006Start of the production of extruded film for protective adhesive film.
Received ISO 9001 certification.
2010Start of the production of elastic ears for baby diapers.
2011Start of the production of hotmelt glue for the baby diapers.
2012Acquisition by Nitto.
2012Opening of the second building for warehousing and production expansion.
2013Company name change to Nitto Bento Bantçilik.

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