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Basic Policy on R&D

Solving social issues through innovation
~We aim to enhance corporate value through technological development for the global environment, humanity, and society~

  • We continue to create new products/services and businesses that help conserve and improve the global environment and improve the quality of life for all people.
  • We make continued enhancements to the value of technology by proactively introducing novel technologies from outside while deepening Nitto's core technologies.
  • We contribute to increasing corporate value by stressing the importance of intangible value and leveraging high-quality patents to enhance our competitive edge.
  • We take on new challenges to develop innovative technologies by gathering the wisdom of diverse and versatile talents.

R&D structure


Corporate Technology Sector and Business Division R&D centers together engage in research and development activities with a goal of driving further growth in existing business fields and creating future value. Corporate Technology Sector has 4 divisions which play different roles.

Corporate R&D division
  • develops core technology and utilizes it to create initial design of new products.
  • aims to commercialize these products by associating with business division R&D center.
New business development division
  • aims to create market-driven business in a new field.
  • tries to accelerate its attempt by means of acquiring external technologies as well as developing in-house technologies.
Nucleic acid medicine business division
  • specializes in the development of nucleic acid medicine.
  • aims to license-out medicines or related technologies to pharmaceutical companies.
Technology and IP strategy division
  • cooperate closely with the 3 division and each business division R&D center.
  • support with future business and the technologies from an intellectual property.

Based on the strategy, we continue to create new products, services, and business in order to conserve global environment and improve quality of life. To make it happen, we keep enhancing the value of our technologies by means of acquiring external technologies as well as improving our core-technologies.


Nitto’s R&D has global network including Japan, USA, and South Asia with each area taking the leadership and promoting local-oriented R&D activities. By means of creating “a chain of new value” driven by the combination of global knowledge, technology, and know-how, we will make the most of our original technologies and business seeds for further growth.

Nitto Denko Technical Corporation Located in Oceanside, California, develops optical-related materials, semiconductor materials, and the technology of organic electronic devices by cooperating with universities and research institutes in the USA.
Nitto Denko Asia Technical Center Located in Singapore, develops sensing technology and biomedical sensor devices as an application.
Nitto Bend Technologies Located in Farmington, Utah, develops new technologies and products based on its flexible sensor. It also plans to start new services utilizing data acquired by the sensor device.
Nitto Biopharma Located in San Diego, California, develops nucleic acid medicine. It also takes the lead in a clinical study by cooperating with an external company.
Nitto Innovations Located in San Jose, California, collects information and supports the activities of start-up companies.

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