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Announcement of Negative Emission Factory Initiative

Nitto Denko Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka; President: Hideo Takasaki; hereafter Nitto) announces that it will accelerate the development of negative emission technologies*1including the capture of CO2 inevitably emitted in the manufacturing process, in addition to energy consumption reduction through desolvation and energy conservation, in order to propose them as a total solution for reducing CO2. In May 2022, Nitto declared carbon neutrality*2 to pass on a bountiful planet to future generations. Nitto will further promote its carbon-negative business and continue to promote carbon-negative businesses to realize a sustainable environment and society.

In the Negative Emission Factory Initiative, Nitto aims to achieve negative emissions by integrating the technologies Nitto has cultivated to date, including the capture of CO2 inevitably emitted at our business sites, for ensuring carbon neutrality in 2050.
As a specific effort, Nitto introduced and started trial operation of a demonstration unit that directly captures boiler exhaust gas at the Shiga Plant*3. Furthermore, Nitto aims to make further progress by establishing and improving the efficiency of technologies for capturing atmospheric CO2 and chemical conversion of CO2, linking ESG initiatives to new business opportunities through a total solution proposal for CO2 reduction, and accelerating simultaneously solving social issues and creating economic value.

Nitto Group places ESG at the core of management and certifies its products and services which contribute to sustainable global environment and healthy lives of people as PlanetFlags™/HumanFlags™ (Products that contribute to the environment/humanity)*4. In addition to this certification scheme, Nitto will accelerate the creation of PlanetFlags™/HumanFlags™ products.

*1 Technology that removes CO2 from the atmosphere by capturing, absorbing, storing, and fixing CO2 in the atmosphere.
*2 Scope1+2 ( Published on May 19, 2022)
*3 Nitto plans to increase the amount to 3,000 tons/year by 2025
*4 In 2022, Nitto established a scheme to visualize the contribution of products and services produced by Nitto Group to the earth and humanity, and certify products and services with particularly high contribution as PlanetFlags™/HumanFlags™ (products that contribute to the environment and humanity). Resources will be concentrated on development and technological themes that can contribute to one of these products.
 ( Published on July 29, 2022)

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