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Cleaning Material for Wafer Chuck Table Cleaning Wafer™

The Cleaning Wafer is for removing small particles on the robot arms or chuck tables of semiconductor-manufacturing equipment.

The Cleaning Wafer, having a special cleaning layer, can remove small particles in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Down-time of tools can be drastically reduced by using the cleaning wafer, compared with the ordinal hand cleaning method. The cleaning wafer can also be used for preventive maintenance so that yield improvement can be expected.


  • The cleaning wafer has a special cleaning layer which provides excellent cleaning performance and stable transferring performance.
  • Reduction of down-time can be expected for particle cleaning in a vacuum chamber.
  • Cleaning operation using the cleaning wafer is very simple and easy.
  • Wide range in particle size can be captured.



  • Especially for vacuum chamber in semiconductor front-end process where particle trouble happens.
  • All mid-end process of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
  • Chuck table or stage which cannot be cleaned by hand.


  • *Please consult with us if operation temperature is high.


Excellent Award in 2012 Nikkei Outstanding Products and Services Awards Nikkei Business Daily Award

Data of Award

February 3, 2003

Features of Award

This award is presented once a year to an especially outstanding new products and services from among the new products and services announced during that particuar financial year. In FY2002, a total of thirty prizewinners were selected from among approximately 20,000 entries.

Reason for Award and Product Outline

The cleanning wafer is a semiconductor wafer-shaped extraneous partile remover consisting of a silicon wafer laminated on one side with a special tape. Removing particle from within semiconductor manufacturing equipment must be stopped, open and wiped down with alchol by hand using a special dust-free cloth. This takes time and results in reduced production efficiency. On the other hand,if cleaning is neglected,product yield deterirates.

Features of the cleaning wafer include the fact that it can be used without stopping or opning the manufacturing equipment and is able to remove particles from the wafer handling robot and chuck table without anyone having to actually reach inside the equipment. It also means that there is no contamination of the equipment on the semiconductor level.

The specially developed resin has a low degree of elasticity and is not sticky to the touch and customers who are expecting the coating to be something like that of adhesive tape are surprised when they actually touch it for the first time. This is to ensure that there is no danger of it sticking to the wafer handling robot or chuck table,which it would even with only the slightest degree of adhesion,and to ensure that there can be no transfer of contamination from the wafer to the equipment even if it does not stick.

Not only is the cleaning wafer the first of its kind in the world,but it is also the first Nitto Denko tape-related product to utilize the recycling-oriented business system. Cleaning wafers that have been used by customers are collected,the dummy wafer and the adhesive sheet separated, and the dummy wafer reused after cleaning.

The functionality, ease of use and the innovative nature of this product were the reasons why it was selected to receive this award.

  • *CLEANING WAFER™ is a registered trademark of NITTO DENKO.
    Registry No.4621215, JAPAN

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