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Housing / Housing Equipment


House Exterior

For tiled roofing

Prevents water from seeping through.

For waterproofing verge parts

EPDM rubber sealing material

For rain noise reduction

Provides excellent soundproofing and damping effects.

Lightweight, highly-functional damping material

Its lightweight structure enables stable damping for a wide range of temperatures.

For frame sealing

Frames using tough paper with excellent linearity.

Masking Tape for Sealing

Masking Tape for both Frame Sealing and Painting

For window sash protection

Protective film with superior weather resistance.

Surface protection film for aluminum window sashes

Polyethylene protective film

External curing tape that adheres to concrete

NITOCLOTH adhesive cloth tape for external paint curing

House Interior

For attaching curing sheets during interior building construction

Prevents scratches during construction

Floor curing tape

Double sided tape for temporary, interior material attachment, containing no organic solvents

Low-VOC, solvent-free, double sided tape

This double sided tape is nearly odorless

Housing / Housing Equipment

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