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Polarizing Film NPF

The Standard for LCD Optical Film

NPF (Nitto Polarizing Film) offers superb transparency, reliability, and workability for LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays). We offer a healthy product lineup to meet customer needs concerning all types of LCDs, including transmissive, reflective, and semitransmissive. (Revision) * NPF is a registered trademark for polarizing film manufactured by Nitto Denko.
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Type Product name (example) Single transmittance (%) Polarizing efficiency (%) Hue a (NBS) 25 Hue b (NBS) 25
SEG Super transmittance and high polarizing efficiency SEG1425DU 43.9 99.95 -1.2 3.5
TEG Ultra-thin, super transmittance and high polarizing efficiency TEG1465DU 43.8 99.96 -1.1 3.5
  • * The values above are measurement examples only, and are not guaranteed.

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