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Our Basic Views

The Nitto Group considers human resources to be our most valuable assets. As competition for recruitment of able human resources intensifies across the globe, how we go about recruiting and retaining people will determine the competitive advantage of the entire Group. In order for us to sustain our growth and continue creating new innovations, we see it as necessary to not only recruit people but also to create a work environment in which employees are constantly encouraged to take on challenges, thus enabling our diverse human resources to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.

At the Nitto Group, every employee is expected to be a “Nitto Person,” who comprehends and lives up to the Nitto Way, that is, one who can think globally in their work in an attempt to create new value as they join hands with people of diverse backgrounds without being divided by differences in culture and values.

In line with this policy, we will:

  1. Assist individuals in their development and growth through our talent management approach while at the same time fostering a workplace culture and implementing programs that collectively live up to our Corporate Philosophy;
  2. Recruit and develop diverse human resources, regardless of nationality, cultural background, gender, age, and disabilities, to promote diversity and inclusion; and
  3. Introduce and implement measures designed to achieve a good work-life balance, in order to develop a working environment conducive to the comfort of people from diverse backgrounds and ensure that the company and its employees will grow together.

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