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Only strong product can "Protect." This is true whether the object to be protected is an object or a person. Nitto offers a wide range of products that provide reliable protection.


It is a fact that anything used outside is more susceptible to deterioration. Nitto products guard against rain, wind and ultraviolet rays; offering protection against deterioration.

Impact Absorption

Sometimes problems occur when extensive damage is sustained as a result of a strong shock. Nitto products feature a "better safe than sorry" approach so as to prevent such occurrences.

Chemical Resistant

There are many things that do not go well together with acids and bases (alkali). Allowing Nitto products to provide firm protection gives users peace-of-mind.

Glass Protection

Sometimes things break even when the utmost most care is taken. Taking preventative measures beforehand is key.

Keratin Protection

When peeling off tape affixed to the skin, the cuticle layer of the skin is often torn away. Nitto's skin-friendly adhesive tears away almost none of the cuticle layer of the skin.

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