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Nitto Group's First CO2 Zero-emission Factory to be Completed
-Converting surplus electricity generated by solar power into hydrogen and installing hydrogen boilers to start operations-

Nitto Denko Corporation (headquartered: Osaka, Japan, President: Hideo Takasaki, hereafter Nitto) has completed construction of the Nitto Group's first CO2 zero-emission factory at its Tohoku Plant (Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture), which makes maximum use of in-house renewable energy, and will begin operations in the second half of fiscal 2024. The Nitto Group aims to achieve net zero CO2 emissions through the production and storage of green hydrogen using surplus electricity generated by solar power and the construction of Japan's first system that produces hydrogen gas from liquefied hydrogen to generate steam in boilers that is 100% hydrogen fueled. After 2025, more hydrogen boilers will be installed so that they can supply steam for the entire Tohoku Plant using only hydrogen boilers, thereby decarbonizing the entire plant. Nitto will accelerate its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the value chain (Scope 3*1) by establishing hydrogen operation and energy storage technologies in preparation for the future implementation of green hydrogen in society.

The Nitto Group places ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) at the core of its management, aiming to simultaneously solve social issues and create economic value. We need to solve climate change, especially global warming, as a common issue for all humankind, to pass on the bountiful planet to future generations.

The new factory at the Tohoku Plant will begin operations to lead the Nitto Group's decarbonization as a CO2 zero emission factory that does not use fossil fuels. Specifically, the solar panels will be doubled to 1,500 KW, and surplus electricity generated on holidays will be used to produce green hydrogen, which will be stored in hydrogen tanks. Steam boilers fueled by hydrogen gas has been introduced in place of conventional steam boilers using fossil fuels. This is the first initiative in Japan to use a large amount of liquefied hydrogen to produce hydrogen gas and operate steam boilers.

CO2 Zero-emission factory at the Tohoku Plant, which uses hydrogen

CO2 Zero-emission factory at the Tohoku Plant, which uses hydrogen

The Nitto Group will accelerate its activities to realize a decarbonized society through the use of environmental technology and green energy that make the best use of energy generated.

About the Tohoku Plant

The Tohoku Plant started operation in March 1977 and manufactures oligonucleotide therapeutics related products such as NittoPhase™*2, pharmaceuticals, and medical hygiene materials. The new factory, which was completed in the Tohoku Plant, is the latest factory for oligonucleotide therapeutics related products with the aim of increasing production of NittoPhase™ under the concept of a "sustainable factory friendly to humans and the environment," ensuring high quality and safety while achieving high productivity and providing future expandability. In terms of environmental initiatives, the factory is working to achieve zero CO2 emissions by converting surplus electricity from solar power generation to hydrogen and installing hydrogen boilers. In addition, it is also tackling to reduce the solvent consumption by recycling organic solvents. By increasing the production capacity of NittoPhase™ at the Tohoku Plant, Nitto will support the rapidly growing oligonucleotide therapeutics industry and contribute to people's health and a secure society.

■ Nitto Denko Corporation Tohoku Plant

: 101, Sunada, Shimonome, Iwadeyama, Osaki, Miyagi, 989-6493, Japan
Number of employees
: 450 (as of March 2024)
Plant area
: 383,970㎡
  • *1 Indirect emissions other than Scope 1 and 2 (emissions of other companies related to the company’s own activities. Emissions during fuel transportation, fuel production, etc.)
  • *2 NittoPhase™ is polymer beads for synthesis of nucleic acid medicine, a Global Niche Top™ product that combines the features of high performance, which enables synthesis of a large amount of nucleic acids due to its porous structure, and high quality, which enables high reproducibility with uniform particle size.


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