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Environmental efforts by sites 2010

Beach Cleanup in Taiwan

On 8 May 2010, Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation, whose base is in Gaoxiong City cleaned Cijin Beach in the same city. A total of 108 employees and their families cleaned the 300 meter-long beach in the sun without fuss. Seventy bags of rubbish, such as driftwood and waste cans were gathered in three hours' of work. We want local inhabitants to enjoy swimming in comfort. 

Nissho Participates in “Clean up Osaka Campaign 2010”

On 4 November 2010, Nissho Corporation Head Office and Osaka Sales Branch participated in “Clean up Osaka Campaign 2010” and cleaned up around the Company's Osaka office building. “Clean up Osaka Campaign” is a kind of city beautification project. Osaka City Hall appeals to citizens and business offices to clean up the city as one. It was the Nissho Corporation's fifth year of participation.

Environment Photo Campaign 2010

In fiscal 2009, the Nitto Denko Group launched “Green Design Action” with the aim of improving employees' environmental awareness. As a campaign following “UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) World Environment Photographic Exhibition: Focus on Your World” of the previous year, we held a contest of environment-themed photos, “Environment Photo Campaign 2010” by employees of the Nitto Denko Group. A number of photos were entered in the contest from home and abroad; photos of beautiful natural environments and photos stimulating thought about nature and environmental issues. In order to further boost employees' awareness of environmental problems, we will continue to promote such activities in the future.

Courtship dance of the Japanese red-crowned crane

“Who make flood”

Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day

On 22 April 2010, Hydranautics commemorated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by hosting a special presentation for all employees on Watersheds. This presentation was given by a speaker from a local non-profit organization called “I Love a Clean San Diego.”

A watershed is an area of land that drains its water toward a common water body. Watersheds are important natural resources which provide water for drinking, irrigation and for recreational uses. From the presentation, employees learned how pollutants such as trash, oil, pesticides and pet waste which can be carried by rainwater and urban runoff through a watershed and pollute our environment. Employees also learned about what they can do to prevent pollution in their communities, to protect local watersheds.

In addition, Hydranautics commemorated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by hosting a drawing contest for the children of Hydranautics' employees. Children were encouraged to submit their best drawings which celebrated our planet Earth. The winning drawing was placed on the reusable shopping bag given to all employees during the Earth Day event.

* Earth Day is a day aimed at raising awareness for the global environment. Two Earth Days exist; the United Nations Earth Day and USA Earth Day which take place on March 21st and April 22nd respectively.


Presentation scenery


Reusable shopping bag whose design comes from the winning drawing

Green 3-R Initiative—Donation of Obsolete Notebooks

In response to Nitto Denko's environmental policy and in support of recycling and waste reduction, the Information Technology Department of Nitto Denko Hong Kong registered for the “Computer Refurbish Project” run by Caritas-Hong Kong Computer Workshop (CCW). CCW is funded by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of the HK Government. On 19 April 2010, we donated a total of 32 obsolete notebook computers to CCW. This served as an example of our commitment to “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”, one of our Green 3-R initiatives.

Due to a rapid evolution in technology, vast numbers of computers and computer accessories are disposed of in Hong Kong each year. Most of these objects contain substances that are harmful to people and the environment. Firstly CCW provides on the job training to unemployed youth on how to refurbish obsolete computers which have been collected from donors. Secondly after refurbishment the computers are donated free of charge or sold to disadvantaged people and NGOs at a low price. The unserviceable computers and parts will be dismantled for further recycling based on the EPD guidelines.

We hope that this activity will be of help to the disadvantaged and most importantly to protect the environment.


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