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Environmental efforts by sites 2011

Turn-off-the-lights Campaign and Environmental Exhibition at Every Base

Environmental Exihibition

In fiscal 2009, the Nitto Group launched "Green Design Action" with the aim of improving employees' awareness of the environment. Our goal is that employees will be able to adopt pro-environment behaviors in their daily lives. Thus far, we have conducted activities with the central focus on major bases. In fiscal 2011 we made efforts at every base in Japan and abroad. We made the Turn-off-the-lights Campaign held in July a trigger for employees to consider energy issues, while at the Environmental Exhibition in January, where our approaches in the Group were exhibited, we also had them gain a better understanding of the environment. Aiming at a further improvement of our employees’ awareness of the environment, we will continue to conduct such activities.

Approaches to the Environment by Nitto Matex (Thailand)

Nitto Matex (Thailand) practices a campaign called "One Day One Good" in order to enhance employees' awareness of environmental conservation. Not only preventing global warming, but also carrying out our responsibilities to society is its target. In fiscal 2011, an enlightenment-of-employees and two tree-planting events were held. On June 25, in the middle of the company trip, employees stopped off at the Cha-am Forest Park and planted trees there. On September 24, they participated in a mangrove-planting event hosted by the industrial park where our corporation is located. The campaign will continue to be held according to a three-year plan in the future.

Cessation of Operation of One Incinerator at Aichi Nitto Denko

Aichi Nitto Denko possesses two incinerators for the purpose of the disposal of waste generated from the adjacent Nitto Toyohashi Plant and some group companies. Environmental-load materials generated during incineration are handled properly according to established voluntary standards which are stricter than required by law. The heat generated is recovered and utilized as a thermal source in the manufacturing process.

However, as one of the incinerators had become noticeably aged, it was withdrawn from operation in October 2011 in order not to disturb local residents.

Let's Plant More Trees in Virginia

On April 18, 2011, Nitto Denko Automotive, Virginia, Inc. donated trees to each of its employees to promote environmental conservation. The saplings were purchased from the Arbor Day Foundation. Proceeds will support the foundation's reforestation efforts.

Nitto Denko Automotive, Virginia, Inc. encouraged its employees to plant and nurture the trees for the world to share. As trees grow, they help stop global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, storing carbon, and releasing oxygen.


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