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PlanetFlags/HumanFlags Certified Products

PlanetFlags Certified Products

Contribute below Material Issues for Sustainability

Accelerate environmental conservation by using sustainable materials
Bio based adhesive tape with recycled films

Functional double sided tapes for fixing components
▼Impact on society

  • Life cycle CO2emissions: -45%
  • Contribute to resource recycling with recycled film and bio based adhesive
High performance and extremely low environmental impac
Low VOC double-sided tape

Functional double sided tapes for fixing components of automobiles and home appliances
▼Impact on society

  • Life cycle CO2 emissions: -41%
  • VOC emissions: -90%
Saves energy through efficient water recycling
RO membranes for ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)

RO membranes for industrial wastewater treatment
▼Impact on society

  • CO2 emissions from wastewater treatment: -63%
  • Contribute to water resource recycling and energy conservation by efficiently reusing wastewater

HumanFlags Certified Products

Contribute below Material Issues for Sustainability

New recognition
Support the manufacture and development of next-generation pharmaceuticals and contribute to people’s healthy and prosperous lives
Polymer beads for synthesizing oligonucleotides NittoPhase™

Polymer beads for synthesizing oligonucleotides
▼Impact on society

  • Contribute to manufacturing oligonucleotide therapeuticshigh purity and yield
  • Contribute to developing new oligonucleotide therapeutics by synthesizing various oligonucleotides
Encourage the development and promotion of next-generation pharmaceuticals and deliver healthy lifestyles
Contract manufacturing for bulk oligonucleotide therapeutic

Contract manufacturing for research and mass production of oligonucleotide therapeutics
▼Impact on society

  • Accelerate oligonucleotide therapeutic development for pharmaceutical companies and drug discovery companies
  • Contribute to promoting oligonucleotide therapeutics with advanced manufacturing technology
Maintain pharmaceutical quality with high durability
Medical films

Pharmaceutical packaging films
▼Impact on society

  • Providing people with medical products of stable quality
New recognition
Provide more comfort, safety, and security for the next-generation automobiles
Glass anti scattering film for automotive displays

Functional film for in-vehicle displays
▼Impact on society

  • Prevent glass shattering of in-vehicle displays in the event of a collision
  • Reduce personal injury
New recognition
Dramatically enhance immersion into the metaverse
Optical films for VR

Optical films for displays and lenses of VR devices
▼Impact on society

  • Improve the image quality of VR devices and enhance the immersive experience
  • Leverage VR technology in various social fields, such as education and medical care
New recognition
Make smartphones more attractive
Advanced Circuit

Circuit boards for smartphones
▼Impact on society

  • Improve the functionality of smartphones
Transmission components crucial for a data-driven and smart society
Thin-film metal base board CISFLEX™

Flexible circuit boards for HDDs (hard disk drives)
▼Impact on society

  • Indispensable for HDDs accounting for the majority data center of storage media
  • Support people’s comfort and convenience in a smart society

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