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Sulfur-less EPDM Foam Sealing Material NITTO EPTSEALER™ EH-2200 Series

A sulfur-less, flexible sealing material made of EPDM foam, which prevents metal corrosion.

This is a flexible sealing material made of EPDM rubber that is foamed into a semi-closed cell structure. It is a clean foam that contains no sulfur, which is commonly used in rubber vulcanization and could corrode metals. It can be used for shock absorbing, soundproofing, and dustproofing applications around airtight electronic devices without corroding the metal.



  • Sulfur-less foam exhibits superior metal corrosion resistance.
  • Can be compressed effortlessly and adheres well to uneven surfaces, providing excellent air-tightness and sound insulation.
  • Superior durability, weatherability, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.
  • The foam layer is certified as UL-94HBF flame retardant.(Certified thickness follows the UL Yellow Card.)


Standard Size

3-20(Comes with adhesive 3-25)9002


Product No.Apparent density
Tensile strength 
Elongation[%]Compressive hardness[N/cm2]


  • *These values are only examples of observed samples and not a guarantee of performance.


Electronic Devices and Electronic Circuit Boards of Various Home Appliance

RefrigeratorDigital CameraSurveillance CameraHome Appliances(music playback, voice assist) around the speakers

LED Lighting


            Dust and Waterproofing for
         LED Lamp Housing
Cushioning material for
LED Driver Module
Cushioning and sealing for outdoor 
LED lighting housing and circuit boards
  • Shock absorbing, soundproofing, dustproofing materials for electronic devices and components.
  • Sealing material for electronic circuit board and related components.
  • Sealing material for LED lighting and related components.
  • Sealing material for automotive lamps and related components.
  • Sealing material for connectors and related components.
  • Soundproofing material for speakers and related components.
  • Sealing material for Li-ion batteries(LIB) and related components.
  • Sealing material for ECUs and related components.
  • Damping 

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