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Nitto Deutschland GmbH

Company Detail

Nitto Denko took its first steps in Europe with the foundation of Nitto Deutschland in 1971.
Later on, this step turned out to be the launch path of a growing network throughout Europe.
Today Nitto Deutschland represents the biggest turnover of all sales offices in Europe thanks to important shares in markets like automotive, semicon, paper & printing and metal processing.
The company supplies all major players in their respective market segments.
Nitto Deutschland deals with most of the product lines made and marketed by the Nitto Denko Group worldwide: single-coated PSA-tapes, double-coated PSA-tapes, protective films, EPDM-foam materials, NVH-materials, breathable PTFE-membranes, etc.
Since Germany is leading the growth market of renewable energy sources (e.g. solar and wind energy), our German colleagues have an important challenge to put Nitto on the map with the key players in this market.

Company Profile

Company Name Nitto Deutschland GmbH
Established Date 1971/Jan/11
Address Peter-Müller-Str. 26, 40468 Düsseldorf, Germany
TEL +49-211-889-320-33

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