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Chemical Resistant

Masking of automobile paintings and other vehicles

Masking Tape with Well-Balanced Quality and Workability.

No.7239 / No.7235

Excellent solvent resistance with excellent dicing performance

Solvent Resistance Dicing Tape(Under Development)

Dicing tape with solvent resistance is for special processes like TSV wafers.

Solvent Resistance Dicing Tape(Under Development)

Fluoroplastic Adhesive Tape

Class H electrical insulating adhesive tape using fluoroplastic film.

NITOFLON No. 903UL/No.9030UL

Foam sealing material with superior resistance to weather, cold, heat and chemicals

EPT-Sealer EE-1000 is especially designed to seal (complex) gaps against water, wind, dust, noise and heat. Depending on the applications, the foam needs to be compressed between 50-80% to activate its sealing properties.


Labels, superior resistance to solvents

Printing is not dissolved even when wiped with organic solvents.


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