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Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

The Nitto Bento Safety, Health, Environment and Energy Policy has been prepared based on the Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, the Turkish Environment Law No. 2872, the Turkish Energy Efficiency Law NO.5627, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 & ISO 50001 standards and considering the approaches determined within the scope of the Paris Agreement that proceeded in 2016. It is being reviewed & updated in yearly basis.

Nitto Bento produces high-quality products, such as surface protection tapes, packaging tapes, masking tapes, and double-coated tapes for different industrial markets as well as closure tapes, mechanical frontal tapes, hotmelt adhesives, and elastic ears for baby & adult care markets.

We are aware that sustainable use of resources is essential in our operations to protect the world for future generations. As a result, Nitto Bento is committed to respecting the environment and acting in the best way in all possible activities by adopting the company’s “Clean, Green, and Healthy” corporate vision.We also feel responsible for the health and safety of everyone in Nitto Bento and around the company, employees, local and global community, customers, visitors, and contractors. In line with the Nitto Group’s policy “We Place Safety Before Everything Else", Nitto Bento aims at establishing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace environment.

The implementation of our Safety, Health, Environment and Energy policy is based on the following guidelines:

  • ‘One-Nitto’: All activities will take place in full compliance with the applicable laws and other compliance engagements as well as the corporate Nitto -guidelines regarding the health , safety , environment and energy management.

  • Proper management of chemicals: Nitto Bento aims to implement a consistent approach to the information we provide relating to the safe management of chemical substances, including the raw materials used in the manufacture of our products.

  • Our production processes; It will be continuously reviewed and improved by focusing on the following qualitative objectives, so that activities are carried out in conditions that are safe, healthy, environmentally friendly and that care about energy efficiency:

    • Waste reduction.
    • Water usage reduction.
    • Reduction of emissions to the air (CO2, VOC).
    • Developing efficiency enhancing projects in this context increasing energy efficiency.
    • Supply efficient products and services that affect energy performance.
    • Economic usage of raw materials and water.
    • Efficient and effective consumption of energy to reduce CO2 footprint.
    • Elimination of hazards and reduction of risks to protect against local environmental pollution, create a safe & healthy work environment based on a risk assessment that is dynamic and maintained.

  • In this context, Nitto Bento aims to reach the following quantitative targets by the end of FY2023:

    • Waste : Maximum 2800 T/year
    • Energy consumption : Maximum 39284 MWh/year
    • GHG (C02) Emission : Maximum 4915 T/year
    • VOC Emission : Maximum 395 T/year
    • Water consumption : Maximum 38709 T/year
    • Customer Health and Safety : Zero Claim/year

Above targets are being reviewed & updated yearly basis in the scope of the continuous improvement approach.

  • The development of products and new technologies will incorporate a high level of attention to a safe and healthy application, to reduce the possible negative environmental impact. In investments and new product design, we aim to use reusable/recyclable waste-generated materials and always care about the environmental impact of the process as decision criteria. We work in harmony with our customers and develop solutions regarding environmental, health, or safety risks that may arise from our products and services.

  • Nitto Bento aims for an interdependent safety culture, where encouraging preventive and protective behavior is key. Therefore, health and safety training is essential and preventive behavior has to be encouraged at all times. All employees and contractors, having a relevant impact on the health and safety management of those involved will receive adequate information and/or training to ensure that the policy will be understood, implemented, and maintained.

  • Based upon a proper understanding of our operational impact, we will develop internal health, safety, environment and energy management objectives and targets, and pursue them in an organized manner to ensure continual improvement. We determine and implement methods to achive the targets and to ensure the participation of all our employees and other interested parties in the management system and provide all relvant sources.

  • We communicate our Safety, Health, Environmental and Energy policy to our suppliers and integrate this into our supplier’s evaluation and selection process. We want to communicate our slogan ‘Open-Fair-Best’ also in the area of health, safety, environment and energy management through an open and direct dialogue with clients, suppliers, authorities, and surrounding inhabits.

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