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PlanetFlags/HumanFlags Recognition Scheme
-Products Contributing to the Environment and/or Human Life

The Nitto Group has come up with a new recognition scheme for products that are friendly to the environment and human life. We showcase the positive contributions that our products and services make for planet Earth and human life and recognize those with a particularly high level of contributions by attaching “PlanetFlags” or “HumanFlags,” in an effort to embody our approach to the material issues for sustainability.


The PlanetFlags/HumanFlags Recognition Scheme is a new initiative for visualizing products that contribute to solving the material issues for sustainability. Under the scheme, the Nitto Group's products are assessed according to our unique standards from the two perspectives of contributions to the environment and human life. Products that are recognized as making particularly significant contributions are certified as either a PlanetFlags prodcut or a HumanFlags product. These recognition standards are also reflected in the selection of future projects in the development process. By allocating our R&D resources preferentially to products that are expected to receive recognition as PlanetFlags/HumanFlags, we will advance our efforts to simultaneously solve social issues and create economic value through business.
PlanetFlags/HumanFlags Recognition Scheme

Recognition Standards

Screening and Recognition Process

PlanetFlags and HumanFlags products will be granted once a year after the following internal recognition process:

Certified Products