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Environmental efforts by sites 2008

Planting Trees in Shenzhen City in China -Consensus between Labor and Management-

Together with more than 100 companies, employees of Nitto Denko Fine Circuit Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. planted trees in Shenzhen City in China in commemoration of the Beijing Olympics. In promoting the event Shenzhen City had made an overture for environmental conservation to each company in the city, and the labor union at Nitto Denko Fine Circuit Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. responded to the City’s call by relaying the significance of participating in the event to the management. The management readily assented to their proposal.

Green, Clean and Fine – Hydranautics Getting Greener Every Day

In 1989, the World Commission on Environment and Development (Brundtland Commission) articulated what has now become the widely accepted definition of sustainability: "to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." At Hydranautics, in addition to continuing to enhance the environmental value of our membrane products, we have begun taking steps such as waste reduction, recycling and so on to make corporate sustainability part of our company DNA. Each step we take brings us closer to the "idea of eco-business": source responsibly, use sparingly, reuse aggressively, dispose of properly.

On Earth Day 2009 (April 22) Hydranautics global headquarters in California kicked off our in-house corporate sustainability initiative "Green, Clean & Fine" with focus on water conservation and clean water, and were visited by a City of Oceanside expert who shared ways that all employees could use water responsibly both at work and home.

Each Hydranautics employee around the world received a reusable (and ultimately recyclable) shopping bag to use in lieu of disposable plastic shopping bags. Lightweight and easily blown around by the lightest breeze, disposable plastic shopping bags find their way into rivers, lakes and oceans where they foul the water and kill animals. Additionally, these bags don't biodegrade, they photodegrade (taking as long as 250 to 1,000 years to break down). For each reusable bag used, they can reduce their personal plastic bag 'footprint' by up to 600 bags — that means cleaner water and a healthier environment for everyone.

Green, Clean & Fine — Hydranautics, Nitto Group's "eco-business driver" is working hard to be as green as we can be.

Clean Up Activities in China

The labor union of Nitto Denko Fine Circuit Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. conducted clean up activities at a mountain in Shenzhen, and company employees also seized the opportunity to participate.

Switching 100% of Purchased Electricity to Green Energy

On the 1st of January 2009, Nitto Europe NV switched to green energy delivered from energy supplier Eneco. Green Power from Eneco is 100% guaranteed to be coming from different renewable energy sources.

"The selection to go for green energy fits Nitto Europe's vision for the future. As a manufacturing company we have to take our responsibility towards man and nature. We have to use the given resources, such as energy, very carefully," clarifies Eric Pass, Director Corporate Planning & Communications of Nitto Europe NV.

"In view of our Vision 2012 it was very important to find a supplier for green energy, that could supply us under the same conditions as a supplier of grey energy, but moreover, could guide us in our further efforts in efficient use of (alternative) energy sources," explains Johan De Boeck, General Manager Supply Chain. When Nitto Europe NV performed its market investigation, several suppliers made offers, but could not guarantee 100% green energy at all times. "In the end, Eneco was selected as the best supplier. Next to their 100% guarantee for green energy, they are also very committed to help us in decreasing our energy consumption in the future. Even with the idea of producing our own energy they are willing to share their expertise! An extra asset, is the fact that Eneco is no more expensive than our former supplier of mixed energy. Moreover, thanks to a number of tax deductions we are now paying less. Green energy is not always more expensive," concludes Johan De Boeck.

< Sustainable Development > In its Mid-term Plan, the company states clearly that 'durability' is the key-message for the future. With it's Vision 2012 "REACH 2012 as a Clean, Green & Healthy company", Nitto Europe is going for a new style of doing business. The switch to energy supplier Eneco confirms the eagerness of the company. "Our vision for the future is no hollow promise," explains Eric Pass, "Every day, we have to take steps towards becoming a clean, green and healthy company."



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