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11611-MB is a 16 mil polyurethane moisture barrier tape, with 2 mil adhesive, for floor panels of air and rotary craft. It is both highly flame retardant and extremely resistant to a variety of liquids.



  • Passes FAR 25.853 burn test
  • Highly puncture and tear resistant for increased effectiveness of the moisture barrier
  • Low water vapor transmission rate
  • High elongation makes it more forgiving in active workplaces
  • Designed with a single release liner that creates less waste and reduces handling time
  • Excellent workability allows for easing repositioning and application over irregular shapes and gaps
  • REACH and RoHS compliant (see Precaution tab)


A two-part application, 11611-MB first applies to the floor panel seams, then is applied to the whole floor panel to help prevent the passing of moisture.


  • Best stored between 50°F-80ºF / 10°C-27ºC, 25-50% relative humidity; out of direct sunlight.
  • Surface should be clean, free of oil, moisture and dirt before applying.
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes may require pressure by roller, hand or press when applying. Not doing so may affect the general properties and appearance.
  • Please inspect your surface prior to application; this tape may not adhere well to extremely uneven or distorted surfaces.
  • Please remember to allow adequate time for full adhesive strength.
  • Nitto works to ensure that 11611-MB is REACH compliant. REACH compliance lists are updated every six months, so please contact us directly to ensure that the product you are interested in meets the latest REACH regulations.

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